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Thursday, December 14, 2006

¡Baños a Riobamba!

Well, after spending two hours in Baños trying to transfer our photos to a cd, writing the updates and loading the pictures and video...we went back to our hotel, packed up and headed out of town. After dinner, of course. Per Susan´s request, I´m skipping the description of our dinner. From the look of it, I don´t think she liked it, anyway.

We did pick up some chopped sugar cane to munch on while we were waiting for the bus to Riobamba. I packed what I didn´t eat in the backpack and got to that later. While waiting we took a little walk across the bridge there in town and were surprised to learn that we weren´t on the valley floor at all, but rather up several hundred feet! Baños was on a bank of the river, just like the other towns we saw further downstream.

The bus was...well, shockingly orange. There was the cutest little kid across the aisle from us, who slept the entire way. When he woke up after two hours, he didn´t quite know what to make of the two gringos who were talking to him.

The guy in front of us had two parakeets in a little cage. They chirped almost the whole way and gave Susan pecking nightmares. I liked the sound.

We got into Riobamba in the late evening and then found a hotel. We´re staying at the very plush Metro Hotel. It´s right next to the train station, where we will be boarding the train VERY early tomorrow morning. Our room is the one in the corner, with the light on.

Our room is the one in the corner. The odd thing is that the room has a bathroom, literally in the corner. And in the corner of the very small bathroom is the very small shower. Which is really just a curtain and the water just goes down a drain in the middle of the bathroom...which is just a corner. If one person is brushing their teeth, they can see the other person taking a shower, in the other corner. It´s so funny!

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