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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Catching up...


We´ve been a little behind in keeping up with photos and news of our trip. There´s been so much that´s happened, with so much to think about and consider... and a bit of travel delays... and a need to just slow down a bit. Right now we´re in Cuenca, which is Ecudaor´s third larges city, behind Guayquil (the largest) and Quito (the capital). It´s absolutely beautiful, with wonderful colonial buildings and a river that runs through it.

This is the place where we´re staying, El Cafecito (The Little Coffee), which is about ten rooms that are all around a central courtyard, which is a cafe. We´ve been a little lazy and had dinner there last night (comfort food, a little pasta and toasted bread) and also breakfast there this morning. MMMmmm. [Susan is trying to make me describe breakfast, but I´m not.] Our room is the nicest we´ve staying in so far, with beautiful wood floors that are waxed (very subtle, very rich finish), wonderfully clean bathroom, nice colorful towels, maps on the wall, and a bamboo mat ceiling. Our room has a door that faces onto the rear green space, where we hear the birds chirping in the morning, along with the occasional church bell in the (not to) distance. Oh! And this morning I heard frogs.

Yesterday we had to do laundry, as we were on our literally last set of clothes...and just stayed inside while it was all rainy...and read our books. We´re only here at the little internet place two doors down for a second, to let everyone know we´re ok, and that we´ll post a lot of pictures and video later this afternoon, when the rains start again. It´s the rainy season, you know?!

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