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Friday, December 15, 2006

We´re in Guayaquil! And on TV!

Not much time to write just now, but we just wanted to share the news:

We´re in Guayaquil. We rode the train from Riobamba down the ¨Nariz Del Diablo,¨which is a very steep route down a mountain, the Nose of the Devil. We have tons of pictures and tons of video, but we can´t find a place to get them off of the camera chips and onto CDs or DVDs...so here are just a few photos:

We´re going to be on TV. The poncho and hat got us the spot. I´ll be introducing ¨Chimborazo Por Dentro¨on Channel 3. We were just minding our own business, having a little lunch (vegetable soup, rice and a tasty little corn salad for Susan, and I had the lunch special, the chicken and rice, and soup, too) and two guys walk by and ask if they can shoot some video of us. We say that´s fine and then they come back to do an interview. When I explained (as if it wasn´t patently clear by then) that I didn´t speak fluent Spanish, they asked if I´d just say ¨¡Hi! ¡Chimborazo Por Dentro!¨ I did it in my best Sabado Gigante voice. I don´t know if they´ll use that one or a more normal one. We´ll see. The guy said he´d email me the show.

We´ll catch up on all this tomorrow... Bye!

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