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Monday, December 11, 2006

Guaba man...

On our walk in the morning, we ran across a woman selling fruit. There was a fruit that I'd seen some women eating it before, and was curious to try it. It was called a 'Guaba.' It looks like little white hamsters. Very furry ones. I checked the name on the internet, and found an article about them here. I ate almost all of them, and then started sharing them as we went along.

Sharon liked our rugs so much, we set off to find the couple that makes them again. When we arrived, we discovered that they made a large one, too...which is now in their living room. : )

Later on, we found an enormous Hello Kitty! Sharon and Chris have a blog, just like this one, called Hola Quito! Hello Kitty/Hola Quito...get it?! Click here to see it. They've got some fantastic pictures posted from their travels...and at some point I'm sure there will be the same pictures on both blogs, since in a couple of weeks we're going off on a little trek together. Hoo-hoo!

Susan and I are heading out today on a bus and probably won't post for a little while. We're heading down to Banos and then Riobamba, where we hope to take the train down the "Nariz Del Diablo," which is one of the only remaining portions of Ecuador's railway system.

See you!

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