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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Santa Clara Market...

Three of us (Sharon, Susan and Tom) went off today...wandering again. This time to the Santa Clara market, which has a lot of produce and stalls inside. We went walking and then took the bus. The three of us had a great day goofing around and just being silly in general.

We walked past Chris' favorite Panaderia (bakery) - favorite because of the name: Pan Pan Padaderia.

English translation: Bread Bread Bakery.

Another funny shop, one that _I_ liked. The sign says (underneath the name), "El Mas Pollo" or, "The MORE Chicken!" Ha!

We found a store for Sharon, too.

At the bus stop we pretended not to know Susan, who was busy taking pictures.

I like these pictures. The kids run out with wet squeegies and clean the windows for tips. Look at the people yelling at him from inside. Then the lady turned the windshield washers on him.

There was an enormous cabbage at this stand, and only this little guy was running it. We talked about the cabbage for a bit and then I told him that I wanted a picture of such an enormous cabbage. He didn't want HIS picture taken, just the cabbage.

Then he told me he knew some English. "Window is Ventana," he says. "And puerta?" I ask. "Door!" he yells.

We found a stand with the whole roasted pig. Wow.

I got a little excited. After eating a plate of the roasted pork and mashed yucca...and this incredible vineagar sauce over it...well, I was thirsty. I had a glass of alfalfa juice. With a little orange juice mixed in with it. Amazing. I was peppy all afternoon.

This is a clown that was walking down the street.

We went to the hardware store on the way back home. We had to finish our ice cream before we could go inside.

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