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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Aqui en San Pedro Sula


We´ve arrived in San Pedro Sula. It´s warm, warm, warm here. Our hotel didn´t have hot water, but it was just fine anyway. We went for a little walk after we got a hotel room, had an ICE cold beer that was a real lifesaver (Salva Vida was the brand). Susan had what could be best described as a giant bean and cheese taco, and I had what would be a chicken stew tostada. Great stuff.

We had for breakfast what Susan had for dinner the night before! They´re called baleadas, or something like that. This time with eggs. This looks promising: breakfast for two with two big glasses of juice (and a nice tip) for less than $3. Hoo-hoo! Good cheap food!
We´re taking a bus to Copan in just a bit. We were hoping to post some pictures, but we can´t find a place to connect the camera. We´ll write again soon!


While at the bus terminal we had a little bite to eat. Susan had a bit more than a bite, she ate the whole fish! Wow!
After arriving, Tom just laid down and passed out. He´d been up for about 48 hours, not sleeping the night before we left, trying to get everything done, and didnt nap much on the bus. I think we went to sleep at 7:30 or so, and didn´t wake up until 9:00 the next morning.


Missy said...

Hey guys, can't wait to see some pictures! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Four days later and there's no update? You're gonna force me to use bad translational Spanish here.. :)