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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Copán Ruinas

We´ve made our way to Copán Ruinas, which is on the far western side of Honduras. It´s a beautiful small town with cobblestone streets, and we´ve had a wonderful time just sort of slowing down. We got a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep and have been eating well. This is a cow that we saw on our walk. Susan wanted to know how they milked it, since it didn´t look like the other cows. I told her that would be her job on the farm.

Here´s a picture of the little garden outside our room. It´s a very cozy small place, with common bathrooms just down the walk, and warm showers. At $8 per night, it´s hard to find much better, and certainly not any that are any cleaner, so here we´ll stay for a few days. It´s nice and quiet, with friendly people and friendly guests, too. It´s called Hotel Los Gemelos, and it´s just a couple of blocks from the town square, and a block from the bus. You can´t beat that!

There was a little market in town that we walked through. Look at the size of the carrots in the bag! They were HUGE. This lady was ladling out black beans into the scale hanging above her. It was very nice and calm...people hanging out in the streets, sitting in the shade. A nice lazy Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow we may walk to the ruins, or maybe the day after. We´ll see. : )

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